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Interlibrary Loans
Extraprovincial Library Loans
Reference Service
News Paper and Journal Section
Toy Library
Children Section (between 6 and 12 years old)
Young Adults Section
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"Augusto Serena" Local History Section
Historical Archive
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Loans entitlements
Everyone who is at least 15 years old and in possession of a valid identity document, can obtain a free membership card, in order to loan our material. If a user is under 15, a parent must authorise the acquisition of the library card.

Material available on loan
The loan of all material, with the exception of games from the toy library, is carried out at the issue desk by showing a valid library card.
Together with the material given out on loan, and depending on the type of material, members will be given a bookmark bearing the expiry date of the loan, which members must comply with.
All library material is available on loan except for that labelled with the letter C (consultation); C MB - C DL (local material consultation); QR (quick reference); PR (professional literature).

Loan terms and conditions
Loans last 28 days for books and old issues of magazines; 14 days for audio material (CDs), CD-ROMs and toy library material and 7 days for videotapes and DVDs.
Users may borrow up to 6 books + 2 movies (videotape or DVD) + 2 audio CDs or 1 CD-ROM and 3 past issues of magazines. It is possible to renew loans of books and audio CDs by telephone or by e-mail at or A fine of € 0.50 per day is levied for late returns of videotapes and DVDs.
The library also issues special loans for teachers for a total number of 25 items (the teacher is responsible for the books issued on loan). In this case the loan can be renewed only in the library, and the service is available only during the school year.

In the eventuality of damage to library material the member is liable to refund or replace the item.
Library material is situated following the progressive numeration of the Dewey Classification System, and can be located through the computerised library catalogue (OPAC), which is accessible from specific computers in each floor of the library.
To facilitate the reader, material of topical interest is located separately from other material. Material of topical interest could be new editorial material, tourist guides and other material on rotation, which is made available in bibliographies written by the library staff.
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By using the interlibrary loan service members may request, from other Italian libraries, original documents or copies which are not in the possession of Montebelluna library.
Dispatch and reply times vary according to a number of factors, such as distance and the organisation of library and postal services. Requests for photocopies, microfilms and scanned documents generally have to be requested in writing. Printed forms for the request of these documents are available in the library.
Interlibrary loans are carried out by libraries which accept the terms and conditions of such a service, and are limited to library documents.

The service is guaranteed to all library members; the request to use the service is made in person to the librarian, and can only be cancelled if the request has not yet been made to the loaning library.
Whenever further information or consent is needed, the library will contact the member immediately.
The member must accept the terms and conditions, restrictions and any repayment of expenses laid down by the loaning library. The member is also liable for compensation in the case of loss or damage of the document, according to library policy.
The member is informed by telephone or email of the arrival of the document, or of the negative response to the request.
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This service is carried out exclusively on the request of a library and between libraries which are committed to respect the norms which regulate the service.

The loan lasts 20 days from the arrival of the document.
A refund that covers a postal charge of € 3.70 (in stamps) is requested.
The requesting library is responsible for the document which is sent. In the case of loss or damage, caused either by dispatch or misuse, the library is liable for replacement, according to the guidelines given by the librarians as owners of the damaged documents.
Requests can be forwarded by e-mail at or by fax at +39 0423 22853.
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The reference service offers assistance in bibliographic research, in finding documents in catalogues and in directing users towards other library and information services in the local area. Librarians supply bibliographic reference, suggest information sources, and assist in factual and thematic research by using printed documentation or databases such as ALICE, LIBER DATABASE, IL SOLE 24 ORE, as well as internet resources.

Request for information can also be made:
By telephone during opening hours
By e-mail at
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12 newspapers and approximately 170 magazines and journals some in foreign languages are available to the public. Loan is granted except for the most recently published issue, and photocopying of single pages or articles is permitted. The library adheres to an internal discard protocol, on the basis of which, issues of the most relevant magazines and journals are made available to library members and users. Furthermore, the newspaper section keeps current issues of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy, whilst issues dating from before 1972 for the general series, and 1996 for the Regional Bulletin are kept in storage in the library.
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The toy library occupies a large space within the library, in which children use and borrow more than 500 toys and 2000 books, made of fabric, rubber, wood, and sometimes paper. It also features comfortable chairs and beanbags and a wooden chest in the shape of a dragon, full of books and magazines for children after 6 years of age. It also has a sitting area for the parents of the children, and a touch-screen computer with programmes for small children. At set times of the year the toy library hosts workshops and activities organised for children and for nursery school groups.
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CHILDREN SECTION (between 6 and 12 years old)

In the children section there are approximately 13,500 books for children and adolescents consisting of fiction, general interest books, 12 different magazines, encyclopaedias and reference books. The room features a space for magazine reading, a gigantic chessboard and 4 computers. The library also runs projects to promote reading in collaboration with schools, as well as guided tours, summer activities, animation groups and thematic bibliographies and refresher courses on children's reading and literature.
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This space represents a link between the services for children and those offered to adults. Therefore it offers various types of material, ranging from paper to multimedia. In this area members can find books and magazines, films on VHS and DVD, music CDs of various genres, videogames and CD-ROMs and comic books. The library cooperates with high schools for guided tours, writing workshops and other activities linked to the promotion of reading.
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The library offers 12 computer positions where members can access all the local and remote facilities made available by the library: internet surfing, consultation of databanks within the library network, use of word processing graphic and other programmes, the possibility to scan, download, or print documents in black and white or colour. Access to computer positions is free, while access to Internet is free for 1 hour per day. All work positions are linked to a printer and have DVD readers and burners. Two positions have a scanner and one is geared to people with special needs.

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The section of the library which keeps documentation of local history and interest is named after a prominent man of letters, historian and intellectual from Montebelluna, called Augusto Serena (1868-1946), to pay homage to his valuable contribution of ideas and works in the cultural development of the town of Montebelluna. Thanks to Augusto Serena's heirs, in 1999 the library was donated his private archive, consisting of books and documents of particular interest for the local history of Montebelluna.

In this section there are also 3,200 books on Montebelluna on the Montello area, local journals, a library fund named after Anna Bellemo, and finally a collection of more than 2,300 historical photographs, recently enriched by the acquisition of a private collection of 760 illustrated postcards from the early 20th Century.
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In the basement there is an auditorium, which also has independent access. The auditorium is also the library's conference room whose use is defined by specific regulations, and granted with the modality and times laid down in the "Terms and Conditions", which can be downloaded from the library website. The use of its facilities is permitted and payment is required. Priority for its use is given to initiatives of public and general interest sponsored by private and public bodies from Montebelluna, or to organisations which offer initiatives of regional and national interest.
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The library manages the Historical Archive of the Municipality of Montebelluna and other historical archives and documents acquired through donations by agencies and individuals.
The Historical Archive is subject to national and regional regulations and is under the tutelage of the Regional Archives Office.
Individuals as well as public offices and services can have access to the Historical Archive after having filled in the appropriate form. Archive inventories can be consulted in the Library.

Opening hours
Thursdays  9:00 - 12:30

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Photocopies can be done in the library, respecting copyright legislation. The service is available after the purchase of a prepaid photocopying card from the issue desk. Black and white, and colour photocopies are available in A3 and A4 formats.

Group visits
Group visits must be agreed and organised together with the library director and staff whether they concern groups of adults, children or school groups. This in order to ensure adequate supervision during the visit to the library and to avoid disturbing the library users.

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